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Our Services

Whether your pet needs pampering, you need daily pet care, or you're headed on vacation, we've got you covered!



Is your furry friend notorious for rolling in the mud? Or maybe they're just overdue for a hair cut and nail trim?

 Whatever your needs may be, our grooming specialist is ready to give your pup the spa treatment they deserve! For our grooming clients, we primarily focus on ensuring your pet's coat, nails, ears, and hygiene are all in tip top shape when their treatment is through. If you have special requests, we will do our best to accommodate your needs! 

Call us at 731-325-5643 to book a grooming appointment.

Doggy Daycare

Being home alone day after day can leave your pup feeling lonely and restless while you're at work. When you put your furry friend in doggy daycare, they have the opportunity to socialize with other pets in our indoor and outdoor play areas, exercise and use the bathroom as needed, and receive meals and medications throughout the day.


Our goal is to give you peace of mind that your pets are being well cared for while you're at work!



Nothing will take your mind out of vacation mode like worrying about your pet while your gone. Fortunately for you and your pup, a stay at Paws on Main will make your four legged friend feel like they're on vacation, too! We provide a safe and secure environment with spacious kennels, comfortable beds, toys, and plenty of playtime to keep your pet entertained during their stay. Our staff treats all of our boarded pups as their own, making sure they're well-cared for and loved when you're away.

Our Pricing

Basic Grooming

Under 20lbs $25

21-40 lbs. $35

41-60 lbs. $45

61-80 lbs. $55

81-90 lbs. $65

91-100 lbs. $75

101 lbs. & up $120

Flea Baths

Under 30 lbs. $15

31-40 lbs. $25

41 lbs. & up $35

Deshedding - EXTRA FEE

30 lbs. & under $20

31 lbs. & up $30

Matting - EXTRA FEE

30 lbs. & under $25

31 lbs. & up $50

Nail Trim

30 lbs. & under $10

31 lbs. & up $15

Teeth Brushing

30 lbs. & under $5

31 lbs. & up $10

Please note our extra fees prices will be added to the basic grooming prices.

Bath Only

Under 20 lbs. $15

21-40 lbs. $20

41-60 lbs. $25

61-80 lbs. $30

81-90 lbs. $40

91-100 lbs. $50

101 lbs. & up $60

Doggy Daycare $12/day


ALL Boarding rooms are in a controlled A/C (summer) and Heat (winter) Room!

4x8 Rooms $30/night per Dog

6x8 Rooms $40/night per Dog

Paw Huts (Only for 10lbs. & Under) $15/night per Dog 

We have indoor and outdoor playtime for all of our doggy daycare and boarding customers. Food is not provided but can be for additional cost! $3/per feeding.

You also receive a FREE Exit Bath when you stay 2 days or more. *Please note that during our peak times, exit baths can not be given. (Spring Break, Fall Break, etc.)

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